Savings Accounts

Deposit Rates

The Premier Account

The Premier Account is Bank of Rantoul's #1 deposit product. Its popularity is based on the fact that the Premier Account offers you the liquidity of a 7-day deposit while paying you the premium rate of our 6-month CD! Interest is paid into your Premier Account weekly, thereby compounding its growth potential. The minimum opening deposit is $10,000*. Additional deposits may be made at anytime. Your money is always accessible with a minimum withdrawal of $1,000. In order to earn the full week's interest, withdrawals must be made on Tuesdays** (the interest payment date).

* Balances falling below $10,000 will earn the Regular Savings rate.
** Funds withdrawn on days other than Tuesday will forfeit the interest earned on the funds withdrawn since the prior Tuesday.

Regular Savings

  • Interest paid quarterly
  • $100 minimum opening balance
  • $2.00 per month service fee if the average daily balance falls below $200

Minor Savings

Minors (persons under the age of 21) are not subject to the minimum balance requirements of Regular Savings.

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